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[ SJSRO.Online ] [CAP 110] [CH-EU] [Old Shcool] [Play To Win EveryThing]
[ SJSRO Online ] Let's join Us to Win 500 Silk Free
[Image: JsWGr3e.png]
[Image: LUDcq3r.png][Image: nZWKBEy.png][Image: 7stvrta.png]
Hello Everyone, we came here today with SJSRO ONLINE OLD School all happiness celebrating  Grand Opening in 15-1-2021..
the most stable, secured & Endless server you can find now , Fighting 24/7 Jobbing , Guild wars, Battle arena CTF, And Pvping.. The Most active server you can ever play in SJSRO ONLINE..
[Image: RVjLH3G.png]

[Image: IvW4AAs.png]

[Image: eXTEeM3.png]
[Image: nsH9CZi.png]
[Image: nxPZI2k.png]
[Image: FIqGGQ0.png]

[Image: I71Zn0e.png]
[Image: QNWvafd.gif]
[Image: 6U4Yvnm.png]
[Image: UUBCdnf.png]
[Image: vqISTRY.png]
[Image: BT8sImq.png]
[Image: oIQRHwq.png]
[Image: Rn8pCG9.png]
[Image: pa2y1p6.png]
[Image: uYSKsgD.png]
[Image: T2iYaGD.gif]
[Image: ihVEbY9.gif]
[Image: YZPe2hQ.png]
[Image: vfr92gW.png]
[Image: 76AD10U.png]
[Image: SG3vESf.png]
[Image: 8DGhN9w.png]
[Image: ojZiOAU.png]
[Image: u2wAM9n.png]
[Image: wT0pNfr.png]
[Image: gZZp5Ye.png]
[Image: ygoqNgx.png]
[Image: Ggy0FRn.png]
[Image: Gpmzq2u.png]
[Image: NhD2jfM.png]

[Image: CnNlcFm.png]
[Image: zSiLTnO.png]

[Image: 3OHgnXS.png]
[Image: WV84xYs.png]
[Image: nLxYCvo.png]
[Image: IrKywLp.png]
[Image: QQIPtdN.png]
[Image: asjplPg.png]
[Image: zbIxaus.jpg]

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